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Japan American Butokukan Karate Association

Kitsap Karate by Butokukan  
Kitsap Karate of Port Orchard

Butokukan of Port Orchard has been offering instruction and training in Karate since 1973. We are a member of the Japanese American Butokukan Karate Association, the oldest karate style in the Northwest under the leadership of Soke Robert Hill. SenseiLes Bishop is our lead instructor. Our staff includes Walt Juneau,and Chuck Hess. All are black belts with decades of experience. Kitsap Karate offers a sequential program for physical fitness and efficiency of movement, instruction in self defense, and tournament competition .

How to Contact Us

Visit us at West Coast Fitness Club at Sedgewick & Ramsey Rd., Port Orchard, WA. You can watch or try out a class or two. Talk to our sensei about what you can learn.

You can also reach us through Direct E-Mail or our Contact Form. You can also call us on the phone at: 360-710-1799. Please refer to our Hours of Operation

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Thanks for visiting our website. For more information about Kitsap Karate, visit our association website at www.JABKA.org.