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Japan American Butokukan Karate Association

Kitsap Karate by Butokukan  
Sensei Bishop, Juneau, & Hess

Located at WestCoast Fitness at Sedgewick & Ramsey Rd.

Family Specials!!

-One Month FREE for friend or family member with one paid membership

-3 month's membership for $165 includes uniform!
reg. price $60/mo.

-West Coast Fitness members, $150 for 3 months, includes uniform.
reg. price for West Coast Fitness members $50/mo.

Second member of household is 1/2 price. Third household member at no additional cost.

Get Acquainted - No Charge! We'd like to have you visit. Try out up to four classes FREE!

What is Butokukan Karate?

KARATE is a game of strategy using focused and efficient movement that uses the whole body as a weapon.

The philosophy of BUTOKUKAN karate is not to fight, but to fight only in self defense of yourself or others.

Our instruction includes how to avoid fights and the appropriate use of force.

What We Teach

Starting at 5 the very young children are taught coordination drills,to follow a sequence of instructions, and large motion elements of karate,i.e., raising an arm to block,to step and punch, etc. They have a lot of fun and are fun to watch. 6 to 12 year olds learn the basic techniques such as stepping and movement around the core, hand/foot combinations, and beginning kata or form. There's no sparring other than touch tag. Elements of self defense are introduced.

What if you don't want to be a 'martial artist'?

Think of karate as a study in kinesthetics.You learn to move around your center or core to maximize the effectiveness of your block or strike.You will move your body through a full range of motion, gain flexibility, coordination, and stamina. At the same time you will be leaning many very effective self defense strategies. It can be a lifetime activity.